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This Text Block is ideal for rallying visitors to your cause or idea. Tell your story by talking about when and how it all started, what you’ve accomplished since then, and what you’re striving to achieve in the future. Set yourself apart by going into detail about what your idea stands for and why it’s important.

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Our Amigos

collaborating partners


Dali aparicio

El jefe :)


patty suarez

Patty Suarez is the founder and CEO of Savor Social, a digital marketing & PR agency based out of Austin, Texas. Savor Social specializes in helping hospitality brands develop and grow their online presence. In her free time, Patty also runs ieatyoufollow, an Austin-based food and travel blog.

Why we work together? The Happiness Of and Savor Social partner to bring digital strategy and content creation expertise to clients in the Austin, Texas area.

Fun fact: Patty and Zulesky were both born in Venezuela and have made their way out to Texas to pursue their passions.


esther cedeño

Spanish Content Creator.

How we work together? Proficient in Spanish, Esther is able to bring a new perspective when it comes to creating digital content and copy for various cultural backgrounds.



Multidisciplinary Creative, Graphic Designer, and Entrepreneur.

How we work together? Dani helps with our branding, design, and graphics.



Graphic Designer.

How we work together? Guillermo helps our clients with content creation, specifically when it comes to stop-motion, GIFs, and graphics.